Source code for scrapy.extensions.feedexport

Feed Exports extension

See documentation in docs/topics/feed-exports.rst

from __future__ import annotations

import logging
import re
import sys
import warnings
from datetime import datetime, timezone
from pathlib import Path, PureWindowsPath
from tempfile import NamedTemporaryFile
from typing import (
from urllib.parse import unquote, urlparse

from twisted.internet import threads
from twisted.internet.defer import Deferred, DeferredList, maybeDeferred
from twisted.python.failure import Failure
from w3lib.url import file_uri_to_path
from zope.interface import Interface, implementer

from scrapy import Spider, signals
from scrapy.crawler import Crawler
from scrapy.exceptions import NotConfigured, ScrapyDeprecationWarning
from scrapy.exporters import BaseItemExporter
from scrapy.extensions.postprocessing import PostProcessingManager
from scrapy.settings import BaseSettings, Settings
from scrapy.utils.boto import is_botocore_available
from scrapy.utils.conf import feed_complete_default_values_from_settings
from scrapy.utils.defer import maybe_deferred_to_future
from scrapy.utils.deprecate import create_deprecated_class
from scrapy.utils.ftp import ftp_store_file
from scrapy.utils.log import failure_to_exc_info
from scrapy.utils.misc import build_from_crawler, load_object
from scrapy.utils.python import without_none_values

    from _typeshed import OpenBinaryMode

    # typing.Self requires Python 3.11
    from typing_extensions import Self

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

    import boto3  # noqa: F401

except ImportError:

UriParamsCallableT = Callable[[Dict[str, Any], Spider], Optional[Dict[str, Any]]]

_StorageT = TypeVar("_StorageT", bound="FeedStorageProtocol")

def build_storage(
    builder: Callable[..., _StorageT],
    uri: str,
    *args: Any,
    feed_options: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None,
    preargs: Iterable[Any] = (),
    **kwargs: Any,
) -> _StorageT:
    kwargs["feed_options"] = feed_options
    return builder(*preargs, uri, *args, **kwargs)

[docs]class ItemFilter: """ This will be used by FeedExporter to decide if an item should be allowed to be exported to a particular feed. :param feed_options: feed specific options passed from FeedExporter :type feed_options: dict """ feed_options: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] item_classes: Tuple[type, ...] def __init__(self, feed_options: Optional[Dict[str, Any]]) -> None: self.feed_options = feed_options if feed_options is not None: self.item_classes = tuple( load_object(item_class) for item_class in feed_options.get("item_classes") or () ) else: self.item_classes = tuple()
[docs] def accepts(self, item: Any) -> bool: """ Return ``True`` if `item` should be exported or ``False`` otherwise. :param item: scraped item which user wants to check if is acceptable :type item: :ref:`Scrapy items <topics-items>` :return: `True` if accepted, `False` otherwise :rtype: bool """ if self.item_classes: return isinstance(item, self.item_classes) return True # accept all items by default
class IFeedStorage(Interface): """Interface that all Feed Storages must implement""" def __init__(uri, *, feed_options=None): """Initialize the storage with the parameters given in the URI and the feed-specific options (see :setting:`FEEDS`)""" def open(spider): """Open the storage for the given spider. It must return a file-like object that will be used for the exporters""" def store(file): """Store the given file stream""" class FeedStorageProtocol(Protocol): """Reimplementation of ``IFeedStorage`` that can be used in type hints.""" def __init__(self, uri: str, *, feed_options: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None): """Initialize the storage with the parameters given in the URI and the feed-specific options (see :setting:`FEEDS`)""" def open(self, spider: Spider) -> IO[bytes]: """Open the storage for the given spider. It must return a file-like object that will be used for the exporters""" def store(self, file: IO[bytes]) -> Optional[Deferred]: """Store the given file stream""" @implementer(IFeedStorage) class BlockingFeedStorage: def open(self, spider: Spider) -> IO[bytes]: path = spider.crawler.settings["FEED_TEMPDIR"] if path and not Path(path).is_dir(): raise OSError("Not a Directory: " + str(path)) return NamedTemporaryFile(prefix="feed-", dir=path) def store(self, file: IO[bytes]) -> Optional[Deferred]: return threads.deferToThread(self._store_in_thread, file) def _store_in_thread(self, file: IO[bytes]) -> None: raise NotImplementedError @implementer(IFeedStorage) class StdoutFeedStorage: def __init__( self, uri: str, _stdout: Optional[IO[bytes]] = None, *, feed_options: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None, ): if not _stdout: _stdout = sys.stdout.buffer self._stdout: IO[bytes] = _stdout if feed_options and feed_options.get("overwrite", False) is True: logger.warning( "Standard output (stdout) storage does not support " "overwriting. To suppress this warning, remove the " "overwrite option from your FEEDS setting, or set " "it to False." ) def open(self, spider: Spider) -> IO[bytes]: return self._stdout def store(self, file: IO[bytes]) -> Optional[Deferred]: pass @implementer(IFeedStorage) class FileFeedStorage: def __init__(self, uri: str, *, feed_options: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None): self.path: str = file_uri_to_path(uri) feed_options = feed_options or {} self.write_mode: OpenBinaryMode = ( "wb" if feed_options.get("overwrite", False) else "ab" ) def open(self, spider: Spider) -> IO[bytes]: dirname = Path(self.path).parent if dirname and not dirname.exists(): dirname.mkdir(parents=True) return Path(self.path).open(self.write_mode) def store(self, file: IO[bytes]) -> Optional[Deferred]: file.close() return None class S3FeedStorage(BlockingFeedStorage): def __init__( self, uri: str, access_key: Optional[str] = None, secret_key: Optional[str] = None, acl: Optional[str] = None, endpoint_url: Optional[str] = None, *, feed_options: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None, session_token: Optional[str] = None, region_name: Optional[str] = None, ): if not is_botocore_available(): raise NotConfigured("missing botocore library") u = urlparse(uri) assert u.hostname self.bucketname: str = u.hostname self.access_key: Optional[str] = u.username or access_key self.secret_key: Optional[str] = u.password or secret_key self.session_token: Optional[str] = session_token self.keyname: str = u.path[1:] # remove first "/" self.acl: Optional[str] = acl self.endpoint_url: Optional[str] = endpoint_url self.region_name: Optional[str] = region_name # It can be either botocore.client.BaseClient or mypy_boto3_s3.S3Client, # there seems to be no good way to infer it statically. self.s3_client: Any if IS_BOTO3_AVAILABLE: import boto3.session boto3_session = boto3.session.Session() self.s3_client = boto3_session.client( "s3", aws_access_key_id=self.access_key, aws_secret_access_key=self.secret_key, aws_session_token=self.session_token, endpoint_url=self.endpoint_url, region_name=self.region_name, ) else: warnings.warn( "`botocore` usage has been deprecated for S3 feed " "export, please use `boto3` to avoid problems", category=ScrapyDeprecationWarning, ) import botocore.session botocore_session = botocore.session.get_session() self.s3_client = botocore_session.create_client( "s3", aws_access_key_id=self.access_key, aws_secret_access_key=self.secret_key, aws_session_token=self.session_token, endpoint_url=self.endpoint_url, region_name=self.region_name, ) if feed_options and feed_options.get("overwrite", True) is False: logger.warning( "S3 does not support appending to files. To " "suppress this warning, remove the overwrite " "option from your FEEDS setting or set it to True." ) @classmethod def from_crawler( cls, crawler: Crawler, uri: str, *, feed_options: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None, ) -> Self: return build_storage( cls, uri, access_key=crawler.settings["AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID"], secret_key=crawler.settings["AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY"], session_token=crawler.settings["AWS_SESSION_TOKEN"], acl=crawler.settings["FEED_STORAGE_S3_ACL"] or None, endpoint_url=crawler.settings["AWS_ENDPOINT_URL"] or None, region_name=crawler.settings["AWS_REGION_NAME"] or None, feed_options=feed_options, ) def _store_in_thread(self, file: IO[bytes]) -> None: kwargs: Dict[str, Any] if IS_BOTO3_AVAILABLE: kwargs = {"ExtraArgs": {"ACL": self.acl}} if self.acl else {} self.s3_client.upload_fileobj( Bucket=self.bucketname, Key=self.keyname, Fileobj=file, **kwargs ) else: kwargs = {"ACL": self.acl} if self.acl else {} self.s3_client.put_object( Bucket=self.bucketname, Key=self.keyname, Body=file, **kwargs ) file.close() class GCSFeedStorage(BlockingFeedStorage): def __init__(self, uri: str, project_id: Optional[str], acl: Optional[str]): self.project_id: Optional[str] = project_id self.acl: Optional[str] = acl u = urlparse(uri) assert u.hostname self.bucket_name: str = u.hostname self.blob_name: str = u.path[1:] # remove first "/" @classmethod def from_crawler(cls, crawler: Crawler, uri: str) -> Self: return cls( uri, crawler.settings["GCS_PROJECT_ID"], crawler.settings["FEED_STORAGE_GCS_ACL"] or None, ) def _store_in_thread(self, file: IO[bytes]) -> None: from import Client client = Client(project=self.project_id) bucket = client.get_bucket(self.bucket_name) blob = bucket.blob(self.blob_name) blob.upload_from_file(file, predefined_acl=self.acl) class FTPFeedStorage(BlockingFeedStorage): def __init__( self, uri: str, use_active_mode: bool = False, *, feed_options: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None, ): u = urlparse(uri) if not u.hostname: raise ValueError(f"Got a storage URI without a hostname: {uri}") str = u.hostname self.port: int = int(u.port or "21") self.username: str = u.username or "" self.password: str = unquote(u.password or "") self.path: str = u.path self.use_active_mode: bool = use_active_mode self.overwrite: bool = not feed_options or feed_options.get("overwrite", True) @classmethod def from_crawler( cls, crawler: Crawler, uri: str, *, feed_options: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None, ) -> Self: return build_storage( cls, uri, crawler.settings.getbool("FEED_STORAGE_FTP_ACTIVE"), feed_options=feed_options, ) def _store_in_thread(self, file: IO[bytes]) -> None: ftp_store_file( path=self.path, file=file,, port=self.port, username=self.username, password=self.password, use_active_mode=self.use_active_mode, overwrite=self.overwrite, ) class FeedSlot: def __init__( self, storage: FeedStorageProtocol, uri: str, format: str, store_empty: bool, batch_id: int, uri_template: str, filter: ItemFilter, feed_options: Dict[str, Any], spider: Spider, exporters: Dict[str, Type[BaseItemExporter]], settings: BaseSettings, crawler: Crawler, ): self.file: Optional[IO[bytes]] = None self.exporter: Optional[BaseItemExporter] = None FeedStorageProtocol = storage # feed params self.batch_id: int = batch_id self.format: str = format self.store_empty: bool = store_empty self.uri_template: str = uri_template self.uri: str = uri self.filter: ItemFilter = filter # exporter params self.feed_options: Dict[str, Any] = feed_options self.spider: Spider = spider self.exporters: Dict[str, Type[BaseItemExporter]] = exporters self.settings: BaseSettings = settings self.crawler: Crawler = crawler # flags self.itemcount: int = 0 self._exporting: bool = False self._fileloaded: bool = False def start_exporting(self) -> None: if not self._fileloaded: self.file = if "postprocessing" in self.feed_options: self.file = cast( IO[bytes], PostProcessingManager( self.feed_options["postprocessing"], self.file, self.feed_options, ), ) self.exporter = self._get_exporter( file=self.file, format=self.feed_options["format"], fields_to_export=self.feed_options["fields"], encoding=self.feed_options["encoding"], indent=self.feed_options["indent"], **self.feed_options["item_export_kwargs"], ) self._fileloaded = True if not self._exporting: assert self.exporter self.exporter.start_exporting() self._exporting = True def _get_instance( self, objcls: Type[BaseItemExporter], *args: Any, **kwargs: Any ) -> BaseItemExporter: return build_from_crawler(objcls, self.crawler, *args, **kwargs) def _get_exporter( self, file: IO[bytes], format: str, *args: Any, **kwargs: Any ) -> BaseItemExporter: return self._get_instance(self.exporters[format], file, *args, **kwargs) def finish_exporting(self) -> None: if self._exporting: assert self.exporter self.exporter.finish_exporting() self._exporting = False _FeedSlot = create_deprecated_class( name="_FeedSlot", new_class=FeedSlot, ) class FeedExporter: _pending_deferreds: List[Deferred] = [] @classmethod def from_crawler(cls, crawler: Crawler) -> Self: exporter = cls(crawler) crawler.signals.connect(exporter.open_spider, signals.spider_opened) crawler.signals.connect(exporter.close_spider, signals.spider_closed) crawler.signals.connect(exporter.item_scraped, signals.item_scraped) return exporter def __init__(self, crawler: Crawler): self.crawler: Crawler = crawler self.settings: Settings = crawler.settings self.feeds = {} self.slots: List[FeedSlot] = [] self.filters: Dict[str, ItemFilter] = {} if not self.settings["FEEDS"] and not self.settings["FEED_URI"]: raise NotConfigured # Begin: Backward compatibility for FEED_URI and FEED_FORMAT settings if self.settings["FEED_URI"]: warnings.warn( "The `FEED_URI` and `FEED_FORMAT` settings have been deprecated in favor of " "the `FEEDS` setting. Please see the `FEEDS` setting docs for more details", category=ScrapyDeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2, ) uri = self.settings["FEED_URI"] # handle pathlib.Path objects uri = str(uri) if not isinstance(uri, Path) else uri.absolute().as_uri() feed_options = {"format": self.settings.get("FEED_FORMAT", "jsonlines")} self.feeds[uri] = feed_complete_default_values_from_settings( feed_options, self.settings ) self.filters[uri] = self._load_filter(feed_options) # End: Backward compatibility for FEED_URI and FEED_FORMAT settings # 'FEEDS' setting takes precedence over 'FEED_URI' for uri, feed_options in self.settings.getdict("FEEDS").items(): # handle pathlib.Path objects uri = str(uri) if not isinstance(uri, Path) else uri.absolute().as_uri() self.feeds[uri] = feed_complete_default_values_from_settings( feed_options, self.settings ) self.filters[uri] = self._load_filter(feed_options) self.storages: Dict[str, Type[FeedStorageProtocol]] = self._load_components( "FEED_STORAGES" ) self.exporters: Dict[str, Type[BaseItemExporter]] = self._load_components( "FEED_EXPORTERS" ) for uri, feed_options in self.feeds.items(): if not self._storage_supported(uri, feed_options): raise NotConfigured if not self._settings_are_valid(): raise NotConfigured if not self._exporter_supported(feed_options["format"]): raise NotConfigured def open_spider(self, spider: Spider) -> None: for uri, feed_options in self.feeds.items(): uri_params = self._get_uri_params(spider, feed_options["uri_params"]) self.slots.append( self._start_new_batch( batch_id=1, uri=uri % uri_params, feed_options=feed_options, spider=spider, uri_template=uri, ) ) async def close_spider(self, spider: Spider) -> None: for slot in self.slots: self._close_slot(slot, spider) # Await all deferreds if self._pending_deferreds: await maybe_deferred_to_future(DeferredList(self._pending_deferreds)) # Send FEED_EXPORTER_CLOSED signal await maybe_deferred_to_future( self.crawler.signals.send_catch_log_deferred(signals.feed_exporter_closed) ) def _close_slot(self, slot: FeedSlot, spider: Spider) -> Optional[Deferred]: def get_file(slot_: FeedSlot) -> IO[bytes]: assert slot_.file if isinstance(slot_.file, PostProcessingManager): slot_.file.close() return slot_.file.file return slot_.file if slot.itemcount: # Normal case slot.finish_exporting() elif slot.store_empty and slot.batch_id == 1: # Need to store the empty file slot.start_exporting() slot.finish_exporting() else: # In this case, the file is not stored, so no processing is required. return None logmsg = f"{slot.format} feed ({slot.itemcount} items) in: {slot.uri}" d: Deferred = maybeDeferred(, get_file(slot)) d.addCallback( self._handle_store_success, logmsg, spider, type( ) d.addErrback( self._handle_store_error, logmsg, spider, type( ) self._pending_deferreds.append(d) d.addCallback( lambda _: self.crawler.signals.send_catch_log_deferred( signals.feed_slot_closed, slot=slot ) ) d.addBoth(lambda _: self._pending_deferreds.remove(d)) return d def _handle_store_error( self, f: Failure, logmsg: str, spider: Spider, slot_type: str ) -> None: logger.error( "Error storing %s", logmsg, exc_info=failure_to_exc_info(f), extra={"spider": spider}, ) assert self.crawler.stats self.crawler.stats.inc_value(f"feedexport/failed_count/{slot_type}") def _handle_store_success( self, f: Failure, logmsg: str, spider: Spider, slot_type: str ) -> None:"Stored %s", logmsg, extra={"spider": spider}) assert self.crawler.stats self.crawler.stats.inc_value(f"feedexport/success_count/{slot_type}") def _start_new_batch( self, batch_id: int, uri: str, feed_options: Dict[str, Any], spider: Spider, uri_template: str, ) -> FeedSlot: """ Redirect the output data stream to a new file. Execute multiple times if FEED_EXPORT_BATCH_ITEM_COUNT setting or FEEDS.batch_item_count is specified :param batch_id: sequence number of current batch :param uri: uri of the new batch to start :param feed_options: dict with parameters of feed :param spider: user spider :param uri_template: template of uri which contains %(batch_time)s or %(batch_id)d to create new uri """ storage = self._get_storage(uri, feed_options) slot = FeedSlot( storage=storage, uri=uri, format=feed_options["format"], store_empty=feed_options["store_empty"], batch_id=batch_id, uri_template=uri_template, filter=self.filters[uri_template], feed_options=feed_options, spider=spider, exporters=self.exporters, settings=self.settings, crawler=self.crawler, ) return slot def item_scraped(self, item: Any, spider: Spider) -> None: slots = [] for slot in self.slots: if not slot.filter.accepts(item): slots.append( slot ) # if slot doesn't accept item, continue with next slot continue slot.start_exporting() assert slot.exporter slot.exporter.export_item(item) slot.itemcount += 1 # create new slot for each slot with itemcount == FEED_EXPORT_BATCH_ITEM_COUNT and close the old one if ( self.feeds[slot.uri_template]["batch_item_count"] and slot.itemcount >= self.feeds[slot.uri_template]["batch_item_count"] ): uri_params = self._get_uri_params( spider, self.feeds[slot.uri_template]["uri_params"], slot ) self._close_slot(slot, spider) slots.append( self._start_new_batch( batch_id=slot.batch_id + 1, uri=slot.uri_template % uri_params, feed_options=self.feeds[slot.uri_template], spider=spider, uri_template=slot.uri_template, ) ) else: slots.append(slot) self.slots = slots def _load_components(self, setting_prefix: str) -> Dict[str, Any]: conf = without_none_values( cast(Dict[str, str], self.settings.getwithbase(setting_prefix)) ) d = {} for k, v in conf.items(): try: d[k] = load_object(v) except NotConfigured: pass return d def _exporter_supported(self, format: str) -> bool: if format in self.exporters: return True logger.error("Unknown feed format: %(format)s", {"format": format}) return False def _settings_are_valid(self) -> bool: """ If FEED_EXPORT_BATCH_ITEM_COUNT setting or FEEDS.batch_item_count is specified uri has to contain %(batch_time)s or %(batch_id)d to distinguish different files of partial output """ for uri_template, values in self.feeds.items(): if values["batch_item_count"] and not r"%\(batch_time\)s|%\(batch_id\)", uri_template ): logger.error( "%%(batch_time)s or %%(batch_id)d must be in the feed URI (%s) if FEED_EXPORT_BATCH_ITEM_COUNT " "setting or FEEDS.batch_item_count is specified and greater than 0. For more info see: " "", uri_template, ) return False return True def _storage_supported(self, uri: str, feed_options: Dict[str, Any]) -> bool: scheme = urlparse(uri).scheme if scheme in self.storages or PureWindowsPath(uri).drive: try: self._get_storage(uri, feed_options) return True except NotConfigured as e: logger.error( "Disabled feed storage scheme: %(scheme)s. " "Reason: %(reason)s", {"scheme": scheme, "reason": str(e)}, ) else: logger.error("Unknown feed storage scheme: %(scheme)s", {"scheme": scheme}) return False def _get_storage( self, uri: str, feed_options: Dict[str, Any] ) -> FeedStorageProtocol: """Fork of create_instance specific to feed storage classes It supports not passing the *feed_options* parameters to classes that do not support it, and issuing a deprecation warning instead. """ feedcls = self.storages.get(urlparse(uri).scheme, self.storages["file"]) crawler = getattr(self, "crawler", None) def build_instance( builder: Type[FeedStorageProtocol], *preargs: Any ) -> FeedStorageProtocol: return build_storage( builder, uri, feed_options=feed_options, preargs=preargs ) instance: FeedStorageProtocol if crawler and hasattr(feedcls, "from_crawler"): instance = build_instance(feedcls.from_crawler, crawler) method_name = "from_crawler" elif hasattr(feedcls, "from_settings"): instance = build_instance(feedcls.from_settings, self.settings) method_name = "from_settings" else: instance = build_instance(feedcls) method_name = "__new__" if instance is None: raise TypeError(f"{feedcls.__qualname__}.{method_name} returned None") return instance def _get_uri_params( self, spider: Spider, uri_params_function: Union[str, UriParamsCallableT, None], slot: Optional[FeedSlot] = None, ) -> Dict[str, Any]: params = {} for k in dir(spider): params[k] = getattr(spider, k) utc_now = params["time"] = utc_now.replace(microsecond=0).isoformat().replace(":", "-") params["batch_time"] = utc_now.isoformat().replace(":", "-") params["batch_id"] = slot.batch_id + 1 if slot is not None else 1 uripar_function: UriParamsCallableT = ( load_object(uri_params_function) if uri_params_function else lambda params, _: params ) new_params = uripar_function(params, spider) return new_params if new_params is not None else params def _load_filter(self, feed_options: Dict[str, Any]) -> ItemFilter: # load the item filter if declared else load the default filter class item_filter_class: Type[ItemFilter] = load_object( feed_options.get("item_filter", ItemFilter) ) return item_filter_class(feed_options)