Source code for scrapy.exceptions

Scrapy core exceptions

These exceptions are documented in docs/topics/exceptions.rst. Please don't add
new exceptions here without documenting them there.

from typing import Any

# Internal

[docs]class NotConfigured(Exception): """Indicates a missing configuration situation""" pass
class _InvalidOutput(TypeError): """ Indicates an invalid value has been returned by a middleware's processing method. Internal and undocumented, it should not be raised or caught by user code. """ pass # HTTP and crawling
[docs]class IgnoreRequest(Exception): """Indicates a decision was made not to process a request"""
[docs]class DontCloseSpider(Exception): """Request the spider not to be closed yet""" pass
[docs]class CloseSpider(Exception): """Raise this from callbacks to request the spider to be closed""" def __init__(self, reason: str = "cancelled"): super().__init__() self.reason = reason
[docs]class StopDownload(Exception): """ Stop the download of the body for a given response. The 'fail' boolean parameter indicates whether or not the resulting partial response should be handled by the request errback. Note that 'fail' is a keyword-only argument. """ def __init__(self, *, fail: bool = True): super().__init__() = fail
# Items
[docs]class DropItem(Exception): """Drop item from the item pipeline""" pass
[docs]class NotSupported(Exception): """Indicates a feature or method is not supported""" pass
# Commands class UsageError(Exception): """To indicate a command-line usage error""" def __init__(self, *a: Any, **kw: Any): self.print_help = kw.pop("print_help", True) super().__init__(*a, **kw) class ScrapyDeprecationWarning(Warning): """Warning category for deprecated features, since the default DeprecationWarning is silenced on Python 2.7+ """ pass
[docs]class ContractFail(AssertionError): """Error raised in case of a failing contract""" pass